Your Child’s Eye Care is important to us. Good vision is key to a child’s physical development, success in school and overall well-being. The vision system is not fully formed in babies and young children , and equal input from both eyes is necessary for the brain’s vision centers to develop normally. If a young child’s eyes cannot send clear images to the brain, his or her vision may become limited in ways that cannot be corrected later in life. But if problems are detected early, it is usually possible to treat them effectively.

Teenagers can also suffer sports-related eye injuries, yet almost 90 percent of serious eye injuries are preventable through use of appropriate protective eyewear. We make sure that you get the correct level of eye protection while you enjoy your best game! Teenager can increase your risks for cataracts as well as for cardiovascular diseases that indirectly influence our eyes’ health. Smoking increases the risk of severe vision loss people with other eye diseases as well.

Routine Annual Eye exams are covered by OHIP up to the age of 19.

Early eye exam is recommended at the age of 6 months or earlier if any symptoms or signs of eye problem.

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