Frames , Sunglass & Contact Lens

dr wissa Our Eye care professional team will guide you as regards the most suitable lenses according to your personal needs ,activities and eye condition. We utilize the latest technology machines to ensure that the frames fit you well . You can even take photos and compare different frames fit or contact lenses color options ! Moreover,the multifocal lenses heights and PDs with accurate location of the pupils are measured digitally and the data are digitally synchornized with the frame fit, frame wrap around your face , your actual height to get exact tailored digital lenses that sits well infront of your pupils.

Our dispensary offers the area's finest selection of frames for everyday wear, from designer fashions to classic to sporty frames (over 1000 to choose from!) Our skilled staff will assist you in selecting the combinations of frames and lenses that is exactly right for you.

Bright year-round sunlight not only causes visual discomfort, but may also induce cataracts and other complications. Your vision will be more comfortable and safer with proper sunwear.

Special sunglass tints and coatings are available to reduce brightness, glare and harmful ultraviolet radiation. Choose from over 100 brand name models. Computer Glasses